Friday, 10 October 2014

Libertagia Online Work Video Guide

Libertagia Online Work Video Guide: This video include all the guide regarding online woriking with Libertagia.see this video and ask for any qurries and comments for that.

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What is Libertagia??

Salam Friend hope you are all good :).... before some time i was make a blog for you but its not effected because some people was can't understand how to work on it now we have first time tutorials in urdu its mine tutorial for All of you :)


                      libertagia introduction ( what Is Libertagia... by Binyamin Mughal

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                     how to register on libertagia part 2/4 by Binyamin Mughal


                   how to approve your account in libertagia... by Binyamin Mughal

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                     how to work on libertagia and how to make... by Binyamin Mughal

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Other Questions and their answers:
Final Concepts

                       Libertagia All Concepts Clear by Binyamin Mughal

How to make Libertagia account ?
How to approve Libertagia account ?
How to work and earn with Libertagia ?

All these questions are answerd in this video.

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