Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Cyber Crime or computer crime includes any criminal act which deals with computers or networks. All such crimes are operated in order to abuse the electronic media or to influence the functioning of computer or networks.


Performing crime with computer systems is called computer hacking or simply Hacking. And the person who has accepted hacking as his lifestyle is called a Hacker. Computer Hacking is the most popular form of today hacking. It exists in computer security but also in many other forms such as phone hacking, call intercepting, social media’s password hacking and data divergence etc. Hacking is becoming very popular and spreading very rapidly now-a-days, as there is always some reason behind something. Similarly, in hacking, Hacker has some goals or missions. If a Hacker is hacking some-where it means that he has some reasons or some objectives in his mind.
There are many reasons due to which people become hackers and hence they hack into different organizations, institutes and many computers as well as over the internet.

Here, I am showing you some reasons of hacking:
  • Defacement: to deface or delete some contents/information e.g. documents/data files.
  • Planting viruses: to put viruses (malwares) which result damage or disabling of a computer network.
  • Getting passwords: this is the most popular hacking as people tries to get password of others so-that they may see their emails, chats etc.
  • Steal information: to steal personal information or data of an organization or agency.
  • Monetary loss: to make monetary loss by hacking pin code of debt cards and ATM’s etc.
  • Damage others: to damage other devices and self safety.
For security reasons: special police and agencies, national security and defense department use hacking for the sake of catching criminals and for other objectives as well. Now the question arises that who are hackers? It is not easy to recognize but they are often found in following forms. They may be employees of some organization, as they wanted to deface documents against them so as they get personal benefits. Hackers may be teenagers, teenagers usually hack passwords to get money and to make fun as well as they wanted to get university documents; papers etc. Political Activists hack the information of other parties for sake of getting or defacing blunders of corruption etc. There are some professional hackers also. They are professionally trained and are highly skilled in computer hacking and cyber crimes. They work for organizations, defense departments and intelligence/ investigation agencies etc. Some hackers earn money by hacking and they adopt it as their profession. Victims of hacking are ‘Gullible People, Desperados and greedy people, unskilled and inexperienced people, unlucky people, celebrities and famous people and sometimes Government’ J There are several documented cases of hacking. Wiki-leaks is the example of hacking in which secrets of Government were exposed L According to a web portal in 2000 eBay, Amazon and Yahoo was hacked between February 6 to February 12 by a hacker. There is another example of hacking a bank in 1995 by a Russian Vladimir Levin. He stole about $10 million.

Hacking doesn’t depict ethics of any religion. Its
against the ethical values and it creates anxiety and unpleasantness. There are no as such rules or ordinance which is able fully uproot cyber crime. In cross its ratting is increasing day by day. Mr. Binyamin Mughal see also on Binyamin g+


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